About the company

DIA Europe Mission

The mission of DIA Europe BV is to provide cost-efficient, flexible solutions for image based document processing, with a special focus on combating Fraud at paper payment transactions. Clients of the DIA Europe solutions and services can be found in the Cheque processing countries (United Kingdom, France, etc.) and in the Giro processing countries (Netherlands, Germany, Scandinavia, etc.).

Company founders

The founders and owners of the company are Ron Bakker and Johan Berkhuysen. Both have more then 15 years experience in high volume payment document processing. Ron Bakker has an extensive experience in Software architecture, System Integration and Software development in document processing solutions. Johan Berkhuysen has many years experience in project and interim management within the IT Industry.

United Kingdom

For the UK market, DIA Europe is represented by Scott Middleton. He has a strong background in the IT, payments systems and cheque processing. Scott Middleton has many years experience in project and program management within Barclays and iPSL. His most recent work experience is within iPSL, where he as the Strategy Manager reported to the CEO.


The solution of DIA Europe is based on the KappaFraud modules from Kappa Image LLC. DIA Europe has an exclusive partnership with Kappa Image LLC. DIA Europe develops partnerships with System Integrators like Computer Sciences Corporation BV and Unisys, to provide the DIA Europe Fraud Solution within a complete Document Management Solution.