23 February 2012

DIA Europe started the support of Oxfam Novib to enable microfinance for supporting starting entrepreneurs within the third world countries.

5 January 2012

Another large financial organization from the UK signed a contract for using the Kappa fraud detection solution for Cheques.

1 November 2011

Another large Financial institute in Brazil accepted the sucessful installation of Kappa Fraud detection solution.

1 October 2011

DIA Europe installed succesful the Kappa Fraud detection solution for giro’s for a large financial institution in the Netherlands.

18 November 2010

Kappa Image LLC and DIA Europe installed succesful the Kappa Fraud solution for a large Financial Institute in Brazil.

1 December 2009

Another large Financial Institute in the UK accepted the succesful installed solution of Kappa Fraud detection.

19 November 2009

Kappa Image LLC and DIA Europe are working together for several implementations outside the European region.

28 March 2008

DIA Europe has succesful installed, together with CSC (Computer Sciences Corporation BV), a solution for Automatic Signature Verification for a large Financial Institute in Norway.

11 March 2008

Another Financial Institute signed for using the DIA Europe Fraud Management solution. Within 2 months the solution will be delivered, installed and operational, to start preventing fraud.

2 July 2007

A Client of DIA Europe has signed a contract extension of the DIA Europe Fraud Management solution for implementing additional modules, based on the proven result of preventing payment fraud.

1 June 2007

DIA Europe completed a Trial for a large UK Bank, which demonstrated excellent results on the detection of fraud within the UK Bank cheques. With a very low volume of False positives.

15 March 2007

Scott Middleton starts representing DIA Europe within the UK market. Scott has extensive knowledge about UK Cheque processing, due to his several job positions within Barclays and iPSL.

18 January 2007

Another large Bank (in the top-20 of the world) choose for the succesful DIA Europe Fraud Management solution to detect and prevent fraud within their payment documents.

22 June 2006

DIA Europe has succesful finished the installation of a new version of the Fraud Detection Solution for the Client Base in The Netherlands. This new version gives the Clients more flexibility in setting solution parameters and provides an improved Hit Rate for catching Giro Fraud.

23 January 2006

One of the largest Banks in Europe has recently decided to implement the DIA Europe Fraud Mangement solution, for their payment transfer documents.

17 August 2005

DIA Europe has delivered her Automatic Signature Verification (ASV) solution to Computer Sciences Corporation BV (CSC) for implementation at a large financial institute in The Netherlands.

21 February 2005

DIA Europe has succesfully installed her Fraud Detection solution for a large financial institute in The Netherlands.

30 october 2004

Computer Sciences Corporation BV (CSC) and DIA Europe BV have signed a contract for performing Image Analysis services by DIA Europe experts.

30 September 2004

DIA Europe established an exclusive partnership with Kappa Image LLC. The KappaFraud modules are the basis for developing the DIA Europe Fraud Solutions for the European market.

5 August 2004

DIA Europe was founded by Ron Bakker and Johan Berkhuysen.


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