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ASV: Automatic Signature Verification

Signature challenge

A payment or other financial document always needs a formal authorization. Often this is done by having a representative signature on the document. But how do you know the signature is the right one ? And even if the signature is correct, is it allowed to give authorization to that specific financial document ? With the DIA Europe Automatic Signature Verification (ASV) solution a simple and automatic verification can be done to investigate if a document has the right authorization.


The DIA Europe ASV Solution is based on software modules from the KappaFraud software suite. The solution is based on using profiles with characteristics of the reference signatures from the owner. The automatic matching process does several steps;
• Localization of the signature on the image of the document.
• Cleanup of the signature field on the image.
• Automatic matching of the signature against the reference signatures from the profile.
Within the reference profile authorization rules can be stored. During the matching process the solution can investigate if the signature matches both with the reference signature and the related authorization rules.

Manual review

The last step from the solution can be a manual comparison of those documents for which the automatic signature matching was not succesful. This manual review application is designed based on a large experience with efficient high volume document processing. However the whole solution is designed and configured to have as less manual activities as possible.


• The ASV solution reads more then 70% of signatures automatic, which reduces operational costs significantly.
• Operational experience indicates that a human person makes more errors in signature matching then the ASV solution.
• The flexible software solution can handle multiple reference signatures.
• The software based solution has a standard interface for easy connection to any other imaging system.

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