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Payment fraud challenge

Last decade the financial Fraud is one of the most growing crimes in the world. Fraud at electronic payments (internet, plastic cards) and paper based payments (cheques and giros) are causing large financial losses towards banks, companies and consumers. While many Risk Management solutions are focusing on detection of electronic payment fraud, DIA Europe has a unique solution, for combating Cheque and Giro Fraud attempts.


The DIA Europe Fraud Management solution is a highly automatic fraud detection on image-based financial transaction like Cheques, Coupons and Giros. With artificial neural network technologies, image-based profiles are created for each accountholder. Based on these profiles, the suspicious cheque or giro documents are detected and identified as high potential fraud candidates.

Fraud review

Using the available Fraud Workstation from the DIA solution, the suspicious cheque or giro document can visually be compared with historical information (other images and data) from the accountholder. A Fraud Analyst, from the Bank, can determine if the suspicious document should be paid or should be cancelled from further payment processing. Simple and effective Fraud Management.


• Strong reduction of Fraud losses by excellent improvement of the hit-rate for detection of Fraud attempts.
• Significant decrease of labor costs due to high-degree of software-based automatic Fraud detection and by reducing financial repair actions.
• Quick result by easy integration of software solution in existing image workflow systems.
• Early capture of Fraud images at branches is possible; move from fraud detection to fraud prevention.

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