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Cheques (and some other financial documents) contain both a numeric amount in the courtesy amount field and a cursive alphanumeric amount written on the legal line. In most cases the courtesy amount and the amount written on the legal line should be the same. In general the automatic recognition of the numeric courtesy amounts is highly accurate with low error rates. The recognition of the legal line amounts is less accurate with a higher error rate. The DIA LAR/CAR solution provides an excellent legal line recognition which increases the result of the courtesy amounts significantly.


The DIA Legal Line Recognition (LAR) solution is based on the KappaLAR software module. It offers high performance legal line recognition and is designed to be integrated with a complementary courtesy amount (CAR) recognition capability.

The solution takes several steps to get the high recognition:
• It locates the legal line field on the document.
• It cleans up the field content.
• It recognizes the cursive words, using a word file.
• It separates the cent values.
• It resolves the confusions like between $75 vs $25 (see picture).


• The LAR solution is a proven, high performance legal line recognition solution.
• The LAR solution improves a CAR (Courtesy amount) solution significantly (up to 15% better recognition). One reason for this is that the confusions in the courtesy recognition are different then for the legal line recognition. For example it can be difficult to read the difference between ‘1’ and ‘7’, however it is easy to differentiate between ‘one’ and ‘seven’.
• It is a flexible software solution, which can adept to many different types of cursive handwriting.

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